Success Stories

Woman on Street

Shania’s Story

Shania is only 18 years old, and was living on our streets since she was 14. Unable to return home due to the abuse she had received, Shania was traveling down a path to become another victim of poverty. She became addicted to drugs, and eventually started to sell her body to support her habit.

When we first met Shania it was difficult to believe that there was an vibrant, intelligent and funny young lady hidden under her dirty oversized men’s Army coat. Shania entered our program late last year, where she was given food, shelter, and the support to kick her drug habit. She is now filled with hope and working on finishing her GED.

The Justice Project was a lifeline to me…without their help not only was I headed for self-destruction, I didn’t even care about it. Now I can have a future again, and when I finish my GED, I might ever try for college.